TEN Cornerstone Gallery

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The current exhibition at Cornerstone is an anniversary exhibition titled TEN. The exhibition is on until Friday 10th October 2014 to coincide with the Liverpool Independents Biennial. Artists exhibiting include: Bryan Biggs, Rebecca Gouldson, Kaety Moore, Nick Sykes and  Elizabeth Willow. To see the full list of artists click here. Here are a few snaps from the private view, lots of beautiful work on display.



nick sykes





Mark-it Street Art Festival

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The bare walls in and around the Baltic Triangle were recently transformed in to colourful murals by local, national and international Street Artists. Mark-it was Liverpool’s first festival dedicated to street art and attracted and intrigued visitors from all over the city and further afield. I took part in the event and painted one of my swirly haired characters, you can see more pics on my website here. Mark McNulty snapped the whole event, see his wonderful pics here. It’s Liverpool also featured it, take a peek. 

charlotte backhouse liverpool 



Image credit | Mark McNulty

Mark McNulty, Charlotte Backhouse

Wall collaboration by Charlie, (Nonconform) Claire Rye and Faye Oliver.



Featured Campaign: SLH is 15

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We love working with South Liverpool Homes. They’re always looking for creative ways to engage with their stakeholders, so we typically end up doing something a bit unexpected. We’re currently working on a project that pulls a number of important strands together, using SLH’s 15th birthday campaign to tie things up nicely.

Nonconform design liverpool, south liverpool homes neighbours day

Brief –  SLH wanted to use their 15th birthday as a means to evaluate and celebrate the impact they have had in the South Liverpool area, but also to help map out their vision for the future.

This is to be communicated through established channels, including their next Annual Report and the Your Bulletin tenant newsletter. A web and digital presence is also required.

SLH Neighbours Day

Our thinking - 

Personal Stories: Statistics have their place, but the most powerful way to communicate is to tell the human story. 

Fun and interaction: If we want to engage tenants, we should do it in an unusual way. 

Longevity: The campaign can live beyond the birthday year by generating an archive of content for SLH to use when advocating for themselves, or for the South Liverpool communities they serve. 

Bigger picture: As in all cases, the campaign should contribute towards SLH’s corporate aims (represented by their 5 Every’s)

Think South Liverpool 

Concept – The SLH Tree  

A tree is multi faceted. It symbolizes SLH’s growth from the past to the present and on to the future. It represents the strong foundations that SLH has both given to South Liverpool and established within the organisation. A tree bears fruit and symbolizes good health. They are the lungs of the community and branch out to other places.

Nonconform design liverpool 


The annual SLH Neighbours’ Day provided an opportunity to begin to involve tenants in the campaign. Our ‘tree inspired’ 15th  Birthday graphics, were rolled out on banners, balloons and cakes. 

Members of the community wrote their stories on tags bearing questions that drew out their personal stories and hopes for the future. The questions connected the tree theme to the 5 Everys and SLH’s corporate aims. 

Tenants hung the tags on ‘wishing’ trees, 2 metres tall and sprayed bright SLH red. SLH staff filmed tenants talking about how SLH has improved their lives and neighbourhoods, and what they would like to see happen next. 

SLH Neighbours Day 2014, cakes, Nonconform design liverpool

What’s next 

The stories gathered, the videos created and the ‘wishes’ collected, will be used to tell the SLH story through the Annual Report. 
We’re working out a digital and multi-media Annual Report, which will be circulated stakeholders. 
Tenants will be updated through a piece of print distributed in Your Bulletin. Each of these products will be inspired by the tree theme.
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HouseMark's new brand strategy

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Launched externally in April, the revamped HouseMark brand and the ‘See the bigger picture’ launch campaign were rolled out at Housing 2014.

Alongside recent sector-wide regulatory change, HouseMark evolved their brand proposition to meet the requirements of their members, who during extensive research in 2013, told HouseMark that they needed to change the business proposition and offer to match members needs for the future.

Nonconform design Liverpool, graphic design studio, housing 2014

As benchmarking services would no longer be a compulsory regulatory requirement for Housemark’s members, the brand needed to evolve from its ‘functional’ foundation to an ‘emotional’ one (I need HouseMark to make my business better).

The aim of this strategy is to change, over time, the perception amongst HouseMark’s members and the wider sector that HouseMark is purely a data-driven, benchmarking business, with a regulatory mind-set, to one known for expertise in business intelligence.

HouseMark business intelligence

The focus is on one main brand – business intelligence – which divides into three supporting sub-brands – ‘Data, Knowledge and Consultancy’.

HouseMark launched the brand internally first as they recognise that an internal brand strategy informs, includes and incentivises people at a time of fundamental change.

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Housing 2014, HouseMark


Client Q&A: PfH Live

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This is our third year working with CEL Procurement on PfH Live, a three-day event that takes place at the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Conference.

Stephanie Eaton, Marketing Executive at CEL Procurement tells us how PfH Live contributes to Procurement for Housing’s bigger picture.

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Brand awareness, PfH Live 2014

Why do you deliver PfH Live?

Overall, our aim is to strengthen and support the important relationships we have with CIH, our customers and our supply chain.

It is also a brand positioning exercise. We see ourselves as thought leaders for the sector, challenging the housing industry as a world-class procurement provider. Partnering with CIH, the professional body for housing, to present the biggest event in the housing industry, positions our brand exactly where we want it to be.

By delivering PfH Live, we raise brand awareness, beyond the procurement managers we currently serve. The promotion of the event, the Conference itself and any follow-up activity includes the PfH brand, which is powerful in terms of recognition and reputation.


How does the brand support what you are trying to achieve?

The brand that Nonconform have developed for PfH Live reveals the connections between CEL Procurement, PfH and PfH Live. It is important to us that the event branding is recognizable in itself, but that it is identifiable as part of the corporate brand family.

It also works beautifully in partnership with the CIH brand, which it sits next to on innumerable occasions before, during and after the conference. A huge amount of promotional activity takes place, and much of it takes place in partnership with CIH.

This visual partnership between the two brands communicates the literal partnership we have with CIH.

Nonconform design liverpool

How successful has the PfH Live branding project been this year?

We’re extremely pleased with how the brand has progressed over the last three years. We need the identity to be recognizable each year, but we also need it to look different enough to grab people’s attention.

We can’t look the same every time and Nonconform have been done a great job of refreshing the brand, so that it feels like a new campaign.

Nonconform have added some texture to the logo, and although it incorporates elements of the CEL and PfH corporate brands, we think it feels like an event – it reflects the excitement and buzz of the conference.

We feel like our relationship with Nonconform is very successful. They understand what we are trying to achieve and are active in coming up with creative ideas for the event.

Our partnership with them means that the event brand supports our key corporate messages and that it doesn’t operate in isolation from our ongoing marketing themes, such as our 10th campaign and our ‘World Class Procurement’ message.



Fusion21 Social Value brand launched at Housing 2014

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We’ve worked with Fusion21 for over a decade, and were excited to see the latest incarnation of their brand revealed at last week’s CIH Conference.


Fusion21 links spending programmes across numerous organisations, to the creation of training opportunities and sustainable jobs for local people. As well as generating social value, this model improves efficiency in the procurement process and generates significant cash savings.

Fusion21 have refocused on the Social Value aspect of their unique business model, which runs through all aspects of their organisation, including the wider Community Regeneration Services offer.

They challenged us to devise a new identity that unified Fusion21’s Social Value message across all of their services. This is the key point of difference between Fusion21 and their competitors.

After teasing the new brand with Social Media campaign graphics, we rolled out the new identity on the Fusion21 stand at the CIH conference. Animated TV graphics, a ‘pop-up’ overview document, print and promo materials supported the brand launch at the conference, whilst the new brand went live on the redeveloped Fusion21 website.

Fusion21 Case Study








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